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Ethical Principles

Ethical Principles

The UCM Office of Student Financial Services is dedicated to helping students achieve their educational potential by assisting each student and his/her family secure the financial resources needed to pay the educational and living expenses incurred to attend the University of Central Missouri. Toward this objective, the financial aid staff members within the Office of Student Financial Services...

  • are committed to helping remove financial barriers for those who are sincere about pursuing a post-secondary education,
  • educate and inform students and families about available financial aid programs, policies and procedures through accurate, reliable, and understandable 'consumer' information,
  • calculate financial aid eligibility and make scholarship, grant, loan, and employment awards in a fair and equitable manner, in accordance with each student's circumstances and qualifications and all pertinent university, state, and federal laws, regulations and guidelines,
  • serve all customers with courtesy and respect,
  • are sensitive to the dignity of all individuals, protect the privacy of students and their families, and assure confidentiality of student financial aid data and records,
  • make every effort to be aware of the financial issues that impact students and advocate for their best interests at the university, state and national levels,
  • are committed to the highest level of ethical behavior and will refrain from any conflict of interest or the perception thereof, and
  • provide services that do not discriminate in any way on the basis of race, culture, ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, age, sexual preference, or economic status.

Any instance of a real or perceived violation of one or more of these ethical principles should be brought directly to the attention of...

Angela Karlin Donna Bodenhamer
Director of Student Financial Assistance Director of Student Accounts and Loans
University of Central Missouri University of Central Missouri
email: email:
Telephone: 660-543-4033 Telephone: 660-543-4656


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