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Forms and Documents

As needed, the following documents may be printed off, completed and submitted to the UCM Office of Student Financial Services in person or by mail (1100 Ward Edwards Bldg.) or by fax (660-543-8080).You may also complete a document and submit it to the office as an email attachment. Once received, your request will be acted on as quickly as possible and you'll be notified of the action taken.

2015-2016 School Year
Forms will be available early February 2015

2014-2015 School Year
Fall 2014: Aug-Dec 2014
Spring 2015: Jan-May 2015
Summer 2015: May-July 2015

UCM Faculty/Staff Use Only

2014 - 2015 School Year

Frequently Used Forms:

FAFSA Verification Worksheet (2014/2015)

Stafford (Student) Loan Request (2014/2015)

PLUS (Parent) Loan Override Request (2014/2015)

Perkins Loan Promissory Note (2014/2015)

Other Forms:

Additional Financial Information Worksheet - Parent (2014/2015)

Additional Financial Information Worksheet - Student (2014/2015)

Appeal for Cost-of-Attendance Increase (2014/2015)

Asset Verification Worksheet (2014/2015)

Authorization for Release of Information (2014/2015)

Borrower Acknowledgement Total and Permanent Disability (2014/2015)

Change of Address, Telephone and/or E-Mail (2014/2015)

Child/Dependent Support Verification (2014/2015)

Child Support Paid (Dependent Student) (2014/2015)

Child Support Paid (Independent Student) (2014/2015)

Dislocated Worker Worksheet - Parent (2014/2015)

Dislocated Worker Worksheet - Student (2014/2015)

Drug Conviction Worksheet (2014/2015)

Emancipated Minor Verification (Question 53) (2014/2015)

Emergency Short-Term Loan - Spring 2015

High School Completion Status (2014/2015)

Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose (2014/2015)

Legal Guardianship Verification (2014/2015)

Marital Status Adjustment Request (2014/2015)

Medical Expenses Adjustment Request (2014/2015)

Military Untaxed Income/Benefits Worksheet (2014/2015)

Orphan, Foster Care, and/or Ward-of-the-Court Verification (2014/2015)

Parent(s) Untaxed Income and Benefits Worksheet (2014/2015)

Program of Study Verification (2014/2015)

Recalculation of Federal Financial Aid Eligibility (2014/2015)

Receipt of SNAP Benefits (Dependent Student) (2014/2015)

Receipt of SNAP Benefits (Independent Student) (2014/2015)

Report of Non-UCM Scholarships/Financial Assistance

Request to Receive Financial Aid to Attend a School Other than UCM (Consortium Agreement) (2014/2015)

Request to Receive Financial Aid for International Study (2014/2015)

Request to Receive Missouri Returning Heroes Tuition Reduction (2014/2015)

Request to Reduce/Cancel Work-Study (2014/2015)

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal (2014/2015)

Student Untaxed Income and Benefits Worksheet (2014/2015)

TEACH Grant Request (2014/2015)

Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Verification (Questions 55, 56 and/or 57) (2014/2015)

Work-Study Request (2014/2015)



UCM Faculty/Staff Use Only

Scholarship & Award Processing Form

UCM Foundation Scholarship Authorization Form