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The Learning to a Greater Degree Contract for Parents

Your time is valuable. Your money is hard-earned. For nearly two decades, you’ve been preparing your son or daughter to go off to college. This contract ensures that your time, money and efforts are well spent by getting your student on track to graduate on time, therefore saving you money in the long run.

Let us explain.

Student’s Commitment:

UCM’s Commitment:

Enroll in the right 15 credit hours per semester.

We provide a custom course plan to keep your student on track and offer 15-to-Finish scholarships.

Typical students enroll in less than 15 credit hours per semester, but it takes them more than four years to graduate.

Attend class regularly.

Seems like a no brainer, but this is a top predictor of academic success.

Did you know each missed day of classes costs $80-$120?

Communicate with professors.

UCM professors are committed to your student’s success.

Encourage your student to introduce him/herself, email their professors and ask for help when needed.

Check in with an academic advisor every semester.

They know which 15 credits are the right 15 for your student, and will keep him/her on track.

On average, each additional semester can cost upwards of $7,600. Remember, many scholarships and grants are only available for four years.

Live on campus for two years (required for incoming students beginning Fall 2013).

As a parent, you can rest easier knowing your student is secure, involved and successful. UCM provides 24-hour front desks, emergency help from staff when warnings (such as tornados) are issued and a university-employed police force for quicker responses.

Students who live on campus generally earn higher GPAs, are more involved on campus and graduate in less time than their peers who live off campus.

Engage outside of the classroom.

We know some students are night owls, so we’ll make sure campus is alive and active seven days a week. Getting involved is not only fun, but it is also critical to developing the whole person, connecting them with the world and discovering the impact they can make.

Your student will graduate with an involvement portfolio that sets him/her apart from the competition.

We want your student to have all this without breaking the bank. We have kept cost increases below 2 percent for the past five years and are providing the Learning to a Greater Degree Contract to help your student complete his/her degree sooner.


At its core, this contract outlines a clear way for us to support your student as he/she earns a more valuable degree at UCM.

UCM is taking its commitment to the next level. We look forward to serving with you as a partner in your student’s academic success. It isn’t always going to be easy, but we’re certain it’s going to be worth it. We’ll see you at graduation, beaming with pride as your student walks across the stage.