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Integrated Learning Communities
General Education

Competency 6

Knowledge and appreciation of literature, languages and the arts.

ART 1620 Web Graphics

ART 1800 Ideas and the Visual Arts

ART 1835 Global Arts and Culture

CD 1401 American Sign Language I

CD 1402 American Sign Language II

CHIN 1701 Elementary Chinese I

CHIN 1702 Elementary Chinese II

COMM 1200 Introduction to Mass Communication

COMM 3000 Film Appreciation

DANC 2100 Dance Appreciation

ENGL 2010 Introduction to Reading Poetry and Drama

ENGL 2020 Introduction to Reading Fiction

ENGL 2200 American Literature to 1865

ENGL 2205 American Literature 1865-Present

ENGL 2210 British Literature to 1798

ENGL 2215 British Literature 1798 to Present

ENGL 2220 World Masterpieces

FREN 1201 Elementary French I

FREN 1202 Elementary French II

FREN 2201 Intermediate French I

FREN 2202 Intermediate French II

GER 1301 Elementary German I

GER 1302 Elementary German II

GER 2301 Intermediate German I

GER 2302 Intermediate German II

ML 1040 Elementary Japanese I

ML 1040 Elementary Japanese II

ML 2000 World Literatures in Translation

MUS 1010 Symphonic Band

MUS 1055 Collegiate Choir

MUS 1210 Experiencing Music

MUS 1220 The Evolution of a Popular Art: An Introduction to Rock Music

MUS 1281 History and Development of Jazz

MUS 3070 Chamber Singers

MUS 3212 Music History 1750 to Present

MUS 4010 Symphonic Wind Ensemble

MUS 4025 University Symphony Orchestra

MUS 4050 University Concert Choir

PHIL 1000 Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 1410 Critical Thinking

SPAN 1601 Elementary Spanish I

SPAN 1602 Elementary Spanish II

SPAN 1611 Elementary Spanish I for Healthcare Professionals

SPAN 1612 Elementary Spanish II for Healthcare Professionals

SPAN 2601 Intermediate Spanish I

SPAN 2602 Intermediate Spanish II

SPAN 2611 Intermediate Spanish I for Healthcare Professionals

SPAN 2612 Intermediate Spanish II for Healthcare Professionals

THEA 2400 Discovering Theatre

WGS 1050 Women’s Voices