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Integrated Learning Communities
General Education

Competency 8

Knowledge of the human experience through history and the social/behavioral sciences.

ANTH 2820 Anthropology of Food

CFD 1010 Individual and Family Relationships

CJ 1000 Introduction to Criminal Justice

ECON 1010 Principles of Macroeconomics

EDFL 2240 Educational Psychology

FAME 3434 Fashion History of Costume

GEOG 2101 Introduction to Sustainability

GEOG 2212 World Geography

HIST 1350 History of the US to 1877

HIST 1351 History of the US from 1877

HIST 1400 History of Early World Civilization

HIST 1401 History of the Early Modern World

HIST 1402 History of the Modern World

IS 1000 Introduction to International Studies

POLS 1500 Introduction to Politics

POLS 1510 American Government

POLS 2511 State Government

POLS 2530 World Politics

POLS 3522 Modern East Asia

PSY 1100 General Psychology

PSY 1320 Psychology of Personal Adjustment

PSY 4230 Psychology of Adolescence

REL 1510 Exploring Religions

SOC 1800 General Sociology

SOC 1830 Social Problems

SOWK 2600 Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Work

WGS 2000 Race, Class and Gender