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Integrated Learning Communities
General Education

Competency 9 (These courses fulfill Competencies 4 and 9)

Evaluating individual actions, intercultural relationships and social choices through ethical reasoning, civic principles and cultural values.

AGRI 2130 Global Agriculture

ANTH 1820 Cultural Anthropology

CIS 1612 Ethics in Information Technology

COMM 2000 Media Literacy

COMM 3340 Intercultural Communication

CS 1000 Computers and Modern Society

ECEL 2110 Diversity and Social Justice

FAME 3442 Sustainability for Consumer Products

FIN 1820 Personal Finance

GEOG 3101 Practicing Sustainability

GEOG 3201 The Cultural Landscape

HED 1100 Personal Health

HED 1200 Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living

HIST 2410 Introduction to Africana Studies

MUS 1225 Music of the World’s Cultures

NUR 2200 Culture and Sustainability in Health

PE 1206 Fitness for a Global Community

PHIL 2300 Ethics

POLS 2535 Model United Nations

POLS 2581 Trial Advocacy

REL 1510 Exploring Religions

SAFE 2010 Practical Safety and Security

WGS 2050 Sexuality, Debate, and Action