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University Foundations

AE 1400 University Foundations - 1 credit hour

University Foundations is designed to help the first-year student and those in transition to: actively explore critical thinking, develop a sense of belonging to UCM, develop self-awareness of social and civic responsibility, and gain a desire for lifelong learning.

University Foundations has the following learning outcomes:

Some AE 1400 sections are incorporated into Integrated Communities, which will be based on majors, themes, or interests. Other individual AE 1400 sections will be designed for students in particular majors or interest groups. General interest sections, open to any new student, will also be available.

AE 1410 Exploring College Majors and Careers -  AE 1410 is a one-credit hour student-development elective course designed to introduce you to a wide range of college majors and career options. Special emphasis is given to an exploration of self through the use of career assessments and individual career counseling sessions, as well as individual and group activities, discussions, and interviews specifically designed to expose you to, and educate you about, career options and the academic programs that lead to those options. AE 1410 is open to any student, whether you have yet to declare a major, or are in a major but are questioning your continuation in that program.In addition, AE 1410 is an eight-week course which is offered four times per academic year.

For additional information about AE 1400 University Foundations, contact:

Cecelia Brewer
Coordinator, University Foundations / Learning Strategies
Assistant Professor
Humphreys 127A