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Red Lead FAQs

What are the UCM Alumni Association and UCM Foundation?

These organizations are separate entities with distinct missions to advance the UCM mission. Did you know that the UCM network includes 86,000 alumni throughout the world? Do you know that since its founding in 1979 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the foundation has generated millions of dollars for student scholarships, created the university's most prestigious teaching award, started the campus' outdoor sculpture collection, expedited new facilities such as Kirkpatrick Library, Maastricht Friendship Tower and Walton Stadium, and more.


The UCM Foundation and UCM Alumni Association consider this network a tremendous strength and strives to provide students, faculty, alumni and friends the opportunity to connect, engage and participate in making UCM a thriving, educational institution. Visit their web sites to learn more: UCM Alumni and UCM Foundation. Keep current about their activities through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.


What does it mean to be part of The R.ed Lead?

As part of Red Lead, you will support the UCM Foundation and Alumni Association to advance the university. Being a member gives you the opportunity to network with alumni, gain skills in alumni relations and non-profit organization functions as well as to broaden your leadership and communication skills.


What will my responsibilities be on The R.ed Lead?

It depends; Red Lead is comprised of two groups, the executives and networkers. Executives are the president and a vice president for each college, Greeks, Athletic and International. If selected for president, you will work 15 hours per week on campus outreach, alumni relations and engagement projects, are responsible for interacting with students, faculty, staff and alumni during events and organizing monthly and bi-monthly meetings. The president receives a $700 scholarship each semester served. Vice presidents works 10 hours a week with similar responsibilities, are expected to attend meetings and receive a $500 scholarship per semester served. The networkers help with off-campus events and are required to help with Homecoming and the 50-Year Reunion. They do not have to work a set number of hours and do not receive scholarships but have great opportunities to network and develop career and leadership talents.


How many positions can I apply for?

For the fall 2015 and spring 2016 semesters, Red Lead is looking to fill 29 positions. Students may apply for one executive and one networker position.


How do I apply for a position?

Once you have been nominated by a faculty or staff member, you can apply here for a position. Applicants have until March 24, 2015, to apply.


What will happen after I complete my application?

After you have submitted the application, you will be contacted for an interview. As part of the interview process, you will need to attend a social at the Achauer House, home of the Alumni Association. Following the social, the new leaders will be selected and all applicants will be notified.


What commitments do I have if selected?

Students selected for Red Lead are required to attend a meeting where they will meet other members and learn more about a mandatory training seminar that occurs in August prior to the start of the semester.


Who should I contact if I have a question?

Marine Jegu, special projects coordinator, at 660-543-4368 or


To nominate a student and become part of the team, follow these links:

Nominate a Student

Apply for the R.ed Lead

Frequently Asked Questions