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2005 Recipients

Wade Eyerly '02, Boston, a writer, painter and political activist, received the Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award in 2005.

Wade Eyerly received the 2005 UCM Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award.

Wade Eyerly, right, received the 2005
Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award from UCM
President Bobby Patton, left, and Chris Small,
president of the Alumni Association
Board of Directors.

In a career that has taken him to foreign countries and to the White House, Eyerly has discovered the power of building good relationships. "The people you meet here and the relationships you build will mean as much, if not more, to you as the degree you get. Those people will open doors and make every opportunity available to you," he said.

An energetic man who calls himself a die-hard political addict, Eyerly earned a bachelor's degree from UCM with a double major in international economic policy and cross cultural relations.

On the International Scene

Fluent in Russian, in April 2005 he accepted a job with the International Economic Alliance (U.S.-Russia Investment Summit), managing corporate partnerships and logistics. He worked for the alliance briefly in fall 2004, directing press advance for top dignitaries, coordinating logistics and protocol for visits, dinners, private meetings and conferences.

Member of White House Advance Team

Prior to accepting his new post, Eyerly worked on the White House Advance Team for U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney. "I would travel four to five days in front of him (Cheney). My concerns were primarily press logistics - making sure everyone was there with their credentials, and making sure the press got the shots they needed at the same time we got the coverage we needed," Eyerly said. He also worked for the Bush-Cheney election campaign in 2004, assisting with advance work and fundraising.

Eyerly's strong faith has led to visits to at least nine different countries. Building upon such experiences and the relationships he has formed along the way, he is already carving his niche in a world far beyond UCM.