2010 Recipient: Jeremy Garrett

Jeremy Garrett with Provost George Wilson
Central Missouri Provost George Wilson, right, congratulates 2010 Outstanding Recent Alumnus Jeremy Garrett.


Jeremy Garrett, who received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy degree from UCM in 2000, was honored by the UCM Alumni Association as the 2010 Outstanding Recent Alumnus during undergraduate commencement ceremonies May 8.

Garrett exemplifies the type of individual for whom the award is intended. Since graduating from UCM, Garrett received a Master of Arts in Philosophy degree from Texas A & M University in 2002 and went on to earn a doctorate from Rice University in 2008.

After spending the summer of 2003 as assistant managing editor of the reputable Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, he became managing editor in 2004, then managing editor, 2005-2007. Today he continues to serve as a member of the editorial advisory board.

“Serving in that role opened up many doors and led me to international conferences around the world including China, Hong Kong, England, Scotland and Finland,” Garrett said. “Overall, it was a great experience and I was able to build a solid professional resume prior to seeking a job in academia.”

A Professor's Influence

Garrett had always been interested in education; in fact, he was originally an education major pursuing his desire to become a teacher. During his first philosophy class, taught by Professor Kenneth Cust, Garrett realized philosophy was his future.

“I felt a strong and immediate connection to philosophy and could see early on that it promised a lifetime’s worth of really important questions to think about and discuss,” he said. “Once I made that discovery, my focus shifted entirely from the question of what I wanted to study and teach to the question of how best to make an academic career in philosophy.”

At Texas A & M, Garrett got his first teaching experience as a teaching assistant. He led discussion sections in a very large introductory class and tutored. In 2008, he began his current position as assistant professor of philosophy at California State University.

Published Scholar

In addition to teaching, Garrett is engaged in many scholarly endeavors. He has published nine articles, presented papers at 26 conferences and co-edited two books with a third to be published this year.

His recognition as an outstanding recent alumnus at UCM follows other forms of recognition he earned as a student on the same campus. This includes the 1999 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award and the 2000 Charno Award.

“I am so grateful to be a part of the UCM community,” Garrett said. “It will forever be a part of my identity and a source of pride, inspiration and confidence as I continue along the path I began in Warrensburg.”