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Interior Design Program - Department of Art and Design - University of Central Missouri

Interior Design


The UCM Interior Design BFA degree has achieved national accreditation by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA). The term of accreditation is six years. UCM Interior Design will be reviewed again in 2020.

Interior design students at the University of Central Missouri learn and experience design from a creative faculty that is attuned to the contemporary issues within this broad field. Both aesthetic and technical experiences are studied in order to solve problems related to the function of interior environments and to enhance the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Through a series of course assignments, the students will experience projects that will sharpen their visual, oral, and written skills in order to fulfill the design objectives as presented within each project.

Ultimately, the interior designer transforms spaces into unique living environments. Students in interior design will develop the basics of two- and three-dimensional design, color theory, drawing, drafting and computer-aided design. The interior design courses provide knowledge and skills in both residential and non-residential interiors. Additional courses in art and design history add historical significance to the evolution of design in contemporary society. In addition, areas of experience include universal design, sustainability, human behavior, furniture design, and business practices.

Our students gain additional development in technical skills such as architectural drafting, building construction and computer-aided design. These areas of study, combined with the interior design and fine art curricula, allow the students to develop the necessary skills to enter the field with a well-prepared portfolio in order to achieve a successful career in interior design.

Please refer to the Interior Design Four Year Plan for more information on this program.

Do I need to get my own computer if I am an Interior Design Major?

Interior Design Majors are required to have a laptop and peripherals as freshmen, beginning with ART 1300, Interior Design Drafting I. PC laptops are recommended for Interior Design majors. Please click here for more informaiton.

Student Involvement

In addition to the course of study, professional involvement and interaction is pursued through guest speakers, field trips and exposure to professional interior design organizations. The University of Central Missouri’s student chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) continues to be active in many of the professional events like Career Day. Throughout the year there are many opportunities for student recognition through school, regional and national design competitions. Kansas City, only an hour’s drive from campus, offers many resources for interior design students. Many interior design firms and suppliers welcome our students to tour, learn and gather resources, in an effort to mentor our students into the interior design field. Interior design internships are encouraged for upperclassmen and many times these internships result in permanent positions.

Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from the program can look forward to several career options. Many of our students enter the field to become either residential or non-residential interior designers. Other areas of possible employment are hospitality design, showroom design, ecclesiastical design and health care design. Entrepreneurial students may even consult as interior designers and start their own firms. In related industries, a student could have a career as a manufacturer’s sales representative or be employed in product design and development. With so much focus on residential interior design, through such avenues as magazines and network television shows, possible career options are constantly growing for students.

Interior Design: Mission Statement

The Interior Design Program housed in the Department of Art and Design at the University of
Central Missouri is dedicated to the education and support of students wishing to become entry-level
professional interior designers. We engage in and encourage our students to create a culture of lifelong
learning and professionalism with the competence and confidence to succeed in the region, state,
nation and world.

Interior Design: Value Statement

Our program values the importance of creating interior spaces that support the health, safety
and welfare of all users while also exploring creative, visually pleasing, environmentally conscious,
culturally responsive and accessible design solutions that are supported by appropriate use of materials
and emerging technologies.

Interior Design Program Goals:

1. Develop a foundation in art and design fundamentals: including theory, history, research and
technical skills.
2. Develop fluency in interpersonal, collaborative and design communication.
3. Develop sensitivity to a one-earth philosophy that reflects the ideals of environmental
stewardship, sustainability, shared and limited resources, and a global context for design.
4. To create a robust learning environment that:
a. Collaborates with practitioners and related professionals to keep pace with industry
b. Provides interior design majors the experiences and opportunities to build skills and
confidence in aspiring professionals

Student Achievement Data

Our graduates are employed by a variety of residential and commercial design and design related businesses in Missouri and around the United States. Recent employers included KHL Design Studio, Directions in Design, Facilitec, Sherwin Williams, and Freedom Companies.


Job Placement: 89% of the students that graduated in December 2014/May 2015 were employed in interior design or a related field within 6 months of graduation.

Acceptance into Graduate Programs: 1 of 1 students from the May 2015 graduating class who applied to graduate school was accepted.

Graduation Rates: 55% of the students that graduated in December 2014/May 2015 graduated in 4 years.

Retention/Attrition: 84% of the students enrolled during the fall semester of 2015 returned in Spring 2016.