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Biology and Agriculture

W.C. Morris Building
Room 306
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Dr. Fanson Kidwaro, Chair
Phone: 660-543-4933

Department of Biology and Earth Science

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Fanson Kidwaro Chair, Professor Agriculture, WCM 306A, 660-543-8827
Glenda Carmack Office Professional, WCM 306, 660-543-4933

Mr. Travis Hume Farm Manager, AMT 101, 660-262-8405
Dr. Mark Goodwin Associate Professor, G 130A, 660-543-8113
Mr. Mike Keilholz Adjunct Instructor, AMT 102, 660-543-4519
Dr. Kyle Lovercamp Associate Professor, G 126B, 660-543-8094
Dr. Anil Giri Assistant Professor, G 126A, 660-543-8596
Dr. Oscar Perez-Hernandez Assistant Professor, G 126C, 660-543-4639

Dr. Justin Chapman Instructor, WCM 206D, 660-543-8861
Dr. John Gole Associate Professor, WCM 304, 660-543-8997
Dr. Scott Lankford Director Grad Education & Research, WDE 1918, 660-543-4873
Dr. Mina Moussavi Instructor, WCM 303, 660-543-4282
Dr. Parker Stuart Instructor, WCM 300, 660-543-4308
Dr. Ray Voorhees Professor, WCM232A, 660-543-4823

Cell/Micro/ Molecular Biology
Dr. Anna Oller Professor, WCM 312, 660-543-4934
Dr. Selene Nikaido Associate Professor, WCM 315A, 660-543-4324
Dr. Sally Salah Instructor, WCM 318, 660-543-8876

Conservation/Ecology/Plant Biology
Dr. Kurt Dean Associate Professor, WCM 203, 660-543-8095
Dr. Joseph Ely Associate Professor, WCM 311A, 660-543-8785
Dr. Aaron Geheber Assistant Professor, WCM 319B, 660-543-8291
Ms. Jennifer Mittelhauser Instructor, WCM 232A, 660-543-8877
Ms Cassandra Dawn Pauling Instructor, WCM 232B, 660-543-8027
Dr. Jay Raveill Professor, WCM 307, 660-543-8812
Dr Stephen Wilson Professor, WCM 319A, 660-543-8880

Science Education
Dr. Mohammad Ahmadibasir Assistant Professor, WCM 107, 660-543-8853

Mr. William Kirby WCM 314-1A, 660-543-8287
Mr. Daniel Metcalf WCM 019, 660-543-8802
Mr. David Weinmann WCM 417B, 660-543-4948

Graduate Assistants WCM 130, 660-543-4374
Ms. Callie Edwards pursuing MS Biology with Dr. Fanson Kidwaro
Ms. Lacie Darling pursuing MS Biology with Dr. Scott Lankford
Mr. Michael Frangello pursuing MS Biology with Dr. Kurt Dean
Ms. Eva Gann pursuing MS Biology with Dr. Kurt Dean
Ms. Tracie Hale pursuing MS Biology with Dr. Kurt Dean
Ms. Samantha Holcomb pursuing MS Biology with Dr. Kurt Dean
Mr. Brandon Page pursuing MS Biology with Dr. Stephen Wilson
Mr .Dalton Whittle pursuing MS Biology with Dr. Kurt Dean

Hospital Affiliate Adjunct Faculty
Marisa James North Kansas City Hospital, North Kansas City, MO
Jane Rachel Saint Luke's Hospital, Kansas City, MO
Doug Hubbard Cox Medical Center, Springfield, MO
Terry Taff Mercy Hospital, St. Louis, MO
Karen Adkins Mercy Hospital Joplin, Joplin, MO
Karen Ward University of Kansas Medical Center, Lawrence KS

Dr. Noor Babrakzai Dr Harold Keller  
Dr Stefan Cairns Dr. John Nold  
Dr. David Castaner Dr. Steve Mills  
Dr. Oz Hawksley Mr. Steve Mohler  
Dr. John Hess Dr. Jim Smith