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Getting a job right out of college is the ultimate goal for graduates. With a solid educational foundation and practical hands-on experience, our graduates have a competitive edge on the competition. Along with the graduate’s personal and professional skills, the Office of Career Services is extremely beneficial in helping students land their first job- with over a 90% job placement rate.

Students in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences are prepared for a variety of careers when they graduate:

  • Art and Design: interior design, freelance work and teaching.
  • Communication: journalists, public relations managers and producers.
  • English: editors and reporters.
  • Geography: city planning and environmental facilities planning.
  • History: historic preservation specialists, researchers and policy evaluators.
  • Modern Languages: translators, international consultants and teachers.
  • Music: conducting, performing and songwriting.
  • Political Science: government, law and teaching.
  • Psychology: behavior therapists, case managers and clinicians.
  • Theatre: stage production, directing and performing.