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Faculty & Staff Resources

CAHSS Committee Rosters

The following links on the left hand side of this page will help you navigate in finding useful information, guidelines, and applications for the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Deadlines for specific awards, grants, and other faculty resources are detailed below.  Please add the perpetual deadlines to your personal calendars. If more assistance is needed, contact the dean's office at 660-543-4750.


FACULTY perpetual deadlines

CHAIRS perpetual deadlines

Promotion and Tenure Deadlines


Perpetual Deadline

2017-2018 Schedule

Provost Office notifies deans regarding eligible faculty

April 17

April 17, 2017

Deans work with chairs to verify eligble faculty

April 24

April 24, 2017

CAHSS Promotion and Tenure Workshops April 4/19 & 4/20 2017
College notifies eligible faculty, and copies chair May 1 May 1, 2017

Faculty member submits dossier to department

1st working day in Sept.

Sept. 1, 2017

Department submits recommendations to chair

15 working days following receipt of dossier

Sept. 22, 2017

Chair submits recommendation to college committee

10 working days following receipt of recommendation

Oct 6, 2017

College committee submits recommendations to dean

15 working days following receipt of recommendation

Oct. 27, 2017

Dean submits recommendations to provost

15 working days following receipt of recommendation

Nov. 17, 2017

Provost submits recommendation to president

5th work day in January

Jan. 8, 2018

President reports to Board of Governor

February/March Board meeting


Notification of Non-Reappointment during Faculty Probation Period (FG III-10)


*Recommendation to Dean by:

*Recommend from Dean to Provost by:

Faculty must be notified by:

First Year Faculty

Jan. 15

Feb. 1

March 1

Second Year Faculty

Oct. 30

Nov. 15

Dec. 1

Third year through Tenure


Notification at time annual contract is issued (terminal contract).

*Dates may vary to accommodate Board of Governors meeting dates in February

Deadlines - for Applying for Academic Leave  (FG III-36)

Dec. 1

Requests should be submitted to appropriate department chairperson

Dec. 15

Requests should be forwarded to the appropriate dean with the chair’s written recommendation and a paragraph describing the rationale for the recommendation

Jan. 15

Deans must attach their written recommendation and a paragraph describing the rationale for the recommendation, and forward to the Center for Teaching and Learning Academic Professional Development Office

Feb.. 8

The FS Professional Enhancement Committee must forward its recommendation to the Provost

March 1

The Provost will submit to the President recommendations for academic leaves

April 1

Or as soon as possible, following Board of Governor’s actions, applicants will be notified of the results of this process

Deadline - End of academic year Awards for Faculty

Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

Dates to be announced

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Awards

Feb 1

Byler Award

Dates to be announced

Deadline - End of academic year Awards for Students

Charno (on-line)

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Outstanding Students

Feb 1

Culp Memorial Scholarship

March 1

Commencement Volunteers for Marshall and Line-up duties (dates are approximate)

Fall Commencement

Sept. 15

Spring Commencement

Feb. 1

Summer Freshman Convocation

June 15