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Faculty, Staff, and Student Awards

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences accepts nominations for six awards recognizing outstanding professional achievements by faculty. Faculty receiving each award will be recognized at the annual CAHSS Awards Banquet (first Thursday in April each year) and will be eligible for monetary compensation or professional development funds in the amount listed by each award. 

Nominations are due to Department chairs in December of the current academic year. 

  • Chairs must submit names of nominees to the CAHSS office by December 21 annually.

  • Nominees must submit their application materials (electronically) to the CAHSS office by February 1 of the current academic year.
1. The Distinguished Faculty Award* - $2000

2. The Excellence in Teaching Award* - $1000

3. The Excellence in Teaching Award for full-time Non Tenure Track Faculty* - $1000

4. The Outstanding Scholarly/Creative Activity Award* - $1000

5. The Meritorious Service Award* - $1000

6. The New Faculty Achievement Award* - $1000



*None of these awards is available to a faculty member more than once.

Additionally, the College will present the Outstanding Staff Award with a monetary prize of $500. A recipient of the Outstanding Staff Award may reapply for the same award after five years.

Award recipients' names will be added to the appropriate award plaque on the Dean's Wall of Honor, 126 Martin. 

The Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Awards Reception is scheduled for the first Thursday in April each spring.

Nominations for all these awards are to be forwarded electronically to the Dean's office no later than 5 p.m., Friday, December 21.

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