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Faculty Profile: Barbara Baker Barbara Baker

Teaching field

Ph. D., University of Southern California

Research field
Film and television criticism, especially analyzing myth and gender in popular movies

Experience and awards
I have 34 years teaching experience at the college level and I’ve been at UCM just over 21 years. I’ve presented over 30 scholarly papers and have several publications, some co-authored with students. In addition to presenting my work at state, regional, national and international conferences, I’ve also won several research awards, including a national award for my dissertation and several top paper awards.

Reaching students
The students at UCM are a pleasure to teach, often bright and creative. I’ve been able to teach a wide diversity of courses over the years and reach large numbers of students, of all types, ages and backgrounds. Seeing my students gain comprehension of an idea, or expressing themselves creatively, is exhilarating to watch, and I’m always glad to have been part of that process, to see the light bulbs come on. 

Cherished relationships
Over the years, many students have kept in touch and expressed their gratitude to me for what they gained in my classes, whether that was watching movies in a new way or having a better understanding of their partners. These are relationships I will always cherish.

Life-altering experience
I’ve had the opportunity to teach in two universities in Wales and Mexico. These two exchanges were life-altering, helping foster understanding between peoples and giving me a chance to put theory into practice. These experiences broadened my understanding of other cultures, and were a meaningful part of my 21 years at UCM.