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Nicole Jones, interior design major Nicole Jones

Great atmosphere
I chose UCM because it offers a degree in Interior Design that is nationally accredited. The campus is a perfect size and everyone here is welcoming, friendly and positive.

Creative energy
My most meaningful experience at UCM has been living in the Art Ship. I’ve met some amazing people living here. It’s a great environment; all of the creative energy helps and pushes me to do art and get my projects done. It’s very helpful to be surrounded by a lot of other art students. There’s always someone there to help or give me advice on a project. 

Valuable feedback
The professors have all been so willing to help with everything I’ve had questions or concerns with. The professors care about the welfare of the students and that we understand the material presented. Receiving feedback from peers has also been a great experience. Being able to get honest responses from my classmates has really helped to improve the quality of my work.

Reaping benefits
The art department has a casual and comfortable atmosphere. The students and teachers are all very welcoming, laid back and helpful. I think that UCM is one of the most rigorous, dedicated and fulfilling art departments in the area. The professors and faculty push me to work hard but I reap the benefits of having great work.