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Karen Rahmoeller, modern languages minor Karen Rahmoeller

Reasons to choose
The people here are so friendly, the dorms are big and the buildings clean and well-kept. I like how money is being spent on the students for things like a new recreation building and classrooms rather than just on sports. I love how beautiful the campus is.

Welcoming environment
Once I got to UCM I settled in instantly. Everyone is so welcoming. It’s so easy to walk up to strangers and start a conversation. Week of Welcome really helped me. It was fun and it was a great way to meet new students.

Gaining confidence
While professors and my academic advisor have helped me a lot, just making friends and meeting new people has helped me the most. They go with me to the library to find my class that's moved there and give me the extra courage to try new things when we go out together. I used to be quiet and a little shy; now I ask for directions, introduce myself and join new causes and clubs without a second thought.

Exciting experience
Getting a minor in German is a great opportunity for me. I love that UCM has study abroad programs and I’m excited to study abroad.