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What our Students Say

Improving Daily
"Interacting with my peers and professors has been exceptionally helpful at UCM, especially in my poetry and fiction writing workshops. My peers and professors critique my short stories and poems in these workshops, thereby pushing me to become a better writer. My literature professors have helped me improve the overall quality of my work by being supportive of my ideas and offering advice when I need it." Rachel Brown, English major
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Valuable resource
"I’ve been to Office of Career Services more than I can account for. The development of my resume went from nothing to a visible document after going to see those individuals. By going to various expos and fairs I’ve been able to broaden my horizons and become more knowledgeable of what is to be expected in the workplace." Alex Klang, political science major
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Welcoming Environment
"Once I got to UCM I settled in instantly. Everyone is so welcoming. It's so easy to walk up to strangers and start a conversation. Week of Welcome really helped me. It was fun and it was a great way to meet new students." Karen Rahmoeller, modern language minor
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Passionate professors
"I changed my major three times before deciding on geography. The professors in this department are passionate about their students and have a great sense of pride in their work. Professors have approached me numerous times after class or in the halls to tell me about an employment opportunity or lecture seminar that they thought would be to my benefit." Justin Schaefer, geography major
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Academic Success
"The upper classmen in my major gave me advice on how to prepare my four-year plan, what to expect from classes and how to get ahead in my major overall. My professors are more than willing to donate their time to help me with homework and discuss internship opportunities, and ultimately what I want to achieve after graduation." Danielle Myers, communication major
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Reaping Benefits
"The art department has a casual and comfortable atmosphere. The students and teachers are all very welcoming, laid back and helpful. I think that UCM is one of the most rigorous, dedicated and fulfilling art departments in the area. The professors and faculty push me to work hard but I reap the benefits of having great work." Nicole Jones, interior design major
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