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Resume Tips for International Students

  1. Introduce employers to foreign companies and schools by providing a frame of reference. For example:
    1. A $10 million marketing firm
    2. One of the top five universities in China
    3. Second largest technology manufacturer in Europe
    4. MIT of Turkey
    5. Nigerian version of McDonalds
  2. Emphasize strong English skills on the resume. For example: "Translated written and spoken English on a daily basis for two years.
  3. Ensure that writing skills are up to American standards by courses that include writing.
  4. Make sure the resume is free from grammatical and spelling errors as well as awkward use of language.
  5. Have resume reviewed by a career counselor. Ask for explanations about necessary changes in order to ensure that the same mistakes will not happen again.
  6. Maintain up-to-date copies of the resume in the format and language of native countries to serve as back-up for employment in home countries or to pass on to contacts.
  7. Attend a resume and cover letter workshop, schedule an appointment with a CDC, or come to walk-in hours to have your materials reviewed before submitting them.

U.S. Resume

International Resume

Concise, attractive marketing tool - summarizes jobs, skills, accomplishments, and academic background relevant to employment objective

Chronologically details academic and formal work experience

One to two pages maximum

Sometimes two or more pages

Does not include age, marital status, race, or religion

Sometimes includes age, marital status, race, and/or religion

May or may not include completion of military service depending upon whether it is relevant or makes the person a stronger candidate

Sometimes includes completion of military service

         Resume Formats

  1. European:
  2. Japanese:
  3. Indian:
  4. Australian: