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Dale Carnegie

University of Central Missouri
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Dale Carnegie Registry

Establishment of the Dale Carnegie Hall of Fame represents an unprecedented partnership between the University of Central Missouri and major stake holders involving the Carnegie legacy. The collaboration allows the University to strengthen its commitment to high-impact student-learning and at the same time celebrate the life and work of this famous UCM alumnus.  In celebrating Dale Carnegie's contributions to society as well as contributions of those who embrace his principles, we hope to inspire each succeeding generation to aspire and achieve to a greater degree. The University of Central Missouri has begun its journey towards formally enshrining the legacy of Dale Carnegie. The first step of that journey was the placing of a life-sized bust in the center of campus on April 2, 2014. The next steps will reach beyond geographic boundaries and make connections with members of the international community who appreciate and embrace the Dale Carnegie legacy.  It is both significant and appropriate for those who are inspired by Dale Carnegie's insights to become a part of this effort to further immortalize his teachings.

Being nominated into the Hall of Fame is truly an honor for the individual.  In order to capture the distinction of these individuals, high-impact videos will be produced by UCM professionals and multi-media students highlighting the work of the nominee.  These videos will become a part of the Dale Carnegie Hall of Fame Repository, and will be used to inform and inspire students and visitors to the center.  Due to the cost of producing such videos, including travel costs, individuals are encouraged to donate to our high impact learning scholarships, which will be used to cover the costs of producing these videos for the repository.


   Dale Carnegie bust

             Bust unveiling, April 2, 2014