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Department of Criminal Justice

Humphreys Building 300
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4950

UCM Criminal Justice FAQ

UCM Criminal Justice FAQ

This web page is designed to answer question you may have about the University of Central Missouri's Criminal Justice department and the programs we offer. Click on any question to expand that section. If you do not find answers to your questions here, please contact Mrs.Christy Mitchell.

What are the admissions criteria for a graduate student?

To be accepted into the Criminal Justice graduate program, a student must have an undergraduate degree in criminal justice or a closely related field and have earned a minimum grade point average of 2.75 on all course work. A student without a criminal justice degree may be required to complete up to 15 hours of background work in criminal justice prior to taking graduate level courses.

The above requirements represent the minimum standards for admission. Any student making application who does not meet the minimum criteria for admission will be asked to submit (1) a letter of explanation for the deficient gpa, (2) an essay describing how a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice will further the student's educational or career goals, and (3) scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) to include both the General Test and the Analytical Writing Test. Upon receipt of all these materials, the Graduate Committee will review and make a decision regarding provisional admittance into the program. All graduate students must maintain a cumulative gpa of 3.0 or above to remain in the program.

You may apply for admission into the program through the following link: Apply for Admission Please note the admission process is two-fold. First, the Graduate School will receive your application and make a decision as to admission into the Graduate School. They will then forward your application packet to the Criminal Justice Department where it will be reviewed to determine if you meet admission requirements into the program. The Graduate Program Coordinator will then send you a letter informing you of the decision. Until you receive this letter, you are not admitted into the program.

Can I afford a Criminal Justice degree?

The University of Central Missouri is known to be among the most affordable institutions of higher learning. Our university also has an excellent Financial Aid department whose staff helps ensure everyone has the chance to earn a college education.

The Financial Aid department can help current and prospective students obtain funding for their education through loans, grants, and scholarships.

Please visit the Financial Aid department's web page and see what they can do for you!

Can I get a scholarship?

The University of Central Missouri's Financial Aid department provides current and prospective students with many scholarship options. Every scholarship has its own unique eligibility criteria. Here is a list of scholarships specific to Criminal Justice degree programs, but we encourage you to browse the other scholarships listed on the Financial Aid department's web page.

The Criminal Justice Department also offers Robert I. Jaquith Law Scholarship. This is for individuals who have been accepted into law school. The criteria and application can be found here.

Where can I find the form I need to fill out?

Below you will find several online forms that you can use to complete important tasks related to your graduate program in Criminal Justice.

1. Update Personal Information Form
Use this form to update/change your personal information. It is critical that we have your current address, telephone number, and e-mail information. Please be sure to update if any of these pieces of information change. Otherwise, you may miss out on important information that is provided periodically. Click the link below to access the online form.

2. Program of Study Form
Use this form to file your Program of Study. If you have any questions about which track to take or have other questions before submitting your Program of Study, feel free to discuss with your Faculty Advisor or Graduate Program Coordinator.

3. Application of Thesis Committee Form
Use this form to apply approval of your desired thesis committee.

What awards can I earn as a Criminal Justice student?

Criminal Justice students have the opportunity to earn several awards while completing their degree.

Outstanding Criminal Justice Senior Award

This award recognizes undergraduate criminal justice graduates who have maintained high academic standards, possess commendable character qualities, and have demonstrated outstanding leadership, particularly in criminal justice organizations.

G.E. "Bill" Davila Award

Guillermo "Bill" Davila was the founder of the Criminal Justice department in 1962 and served as its chair for a substantial time. Upon his retirement in 1986, Bill established the "Davila Award" which is presented to an outstanding criminal justice graduate who demonstrates special traits of involvement, initiative and leadership in the area of criminal justice.

Criminal Justice Outstanding Graduate Student Award

The Outstanding Graduate Student Award recognizes on graduating Criminal Justice graduate student who possesses high academic standards, commendable character qualities and has demonstrated outstanding leadership, particularly in criminal justice organizations.