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Allen Ramsey

Allen Ramsey

            For two and a half decades Allen Ramsey has guided students through the intricacies of renaissance literature, rhetorical and creative writing, and scholarly research.

            Ramsey joined the faculty in 1972 as assistant professor of English and has retired as professor emeritus of English. He has contributed extensively to shaping course curriculum through participation in the Writing Across the Curriculum program and the development of innovative teaching plans. On numerous occasions Ramsey presented material to enrich the study of literature and advance writing assessment. He was invited in 1985 to lecture at Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey.

            Throughout his tenure, Ramsey forged close ties with students in his capacity as graduate assistant advisor and as the former director of the Missouri London Program and director of Freshman Studies.

            Aside from his role as educator, Ramsey held memberships with many professional organizations and served as editorial consultant to Harper Collins on several textbooks. He has been recognized repeatedly by his peers for his efforts to advance the study of literature and integrate writing into all university courses. For two consecutive years Ramsey has received the Merit Recognition Award from the department of English and philosophy and was also presented the award from the College of Arts and Sciences.

            Ramsey and his wife Margaret have one son, David.