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David DeFrain

David DeFrain

            Through Dr. David DeFrain’s leadership, Central’s Educational Development Center developed a reputation as one of the finest in the nation. This was evidenced in 1997 when Dr. DeFrain accepted, on behalf of the EDC, the John Champaign Memorial Award for Outstanding Developmental Education, presented by the National Association for Developmental Education.

            After a highly successful career in helping students to succeed in their education, Dr. DeFrain has retired as director emeritus of EDC and professor emeritus of psychology. He devoted 31 years to Central and is continuing his career in the education arena as NADE’s executive director.

            Dr. DeFrain served as EDC chair from 1969-2000. He also served the university as director of the University 1000 program and as a consultant to Project Advance and the McNair Central Achievers Program. He participated in many committees at the department and university levels.

            His education includes an associate degree from Graceland College in Iowa, bachelor’s degree from Central and master’s degree and education doctorate from Oklahoma State University.

            Currently residing in Warrensburg, Dr. DeFrain and his wife, Donna, have three children, Doug, Kris and Jodi.