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Elois Pelton

Elois B. Pelton

            Dr. Elois Pelton has dedicated much of her life helping students to learn and appreciate physical education. The professor emeritus of physical education devoted 32 years to teaching her favorite subject to Central students.

            Dr. Pelton came to Central with an educational background that included a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, which she completed in 1961, and a Master of Science in Education degree, received in 1965 from Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway. She completed her Doctor of Education degree in 1972 at the University of Louisiana, Natchitoches.

            A former high school teacher and basketball coach, she joned Central’s department of Physical Education in 1966. Throughout her tenure, Dr. Pelton spent much of her time instructing university students, in addition to working with school districts to develop curriculum for physical education programs.

            Dr. Pelton was also active in campus committees and governance groups, serving as a member of the Faculty Senate and Traffic Review Board, as well as committees dealing with curriculum, teacher education, academic standards, and tenure and promothion. She served on the College of Education’s Accreditation Committee and sponsored the Physical Education Majors Club.

            Her membership in professional organizations has included the Missouri Association and American Alliance Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

            Dr. Pelton is the mother of one son, Sean Scott Pelton.