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Gerald Kangas

Gerald Kangas

Bringing a wealth of industry experience into his classroom, Gerald Kangas dedicated approximately 15 years to helping his students prepare for electronics- and engineering-related professions. He recently retired from UCM in May as professor emeritus of technology.

Kangas came to the university in 1996 after working in areas such as cable television, technology consulting, and serving as a university faculty member.
He taught at Southwest State University in Marshall, Minn., from 1981-1986. His vast experiences also include designing community cable television systems for
20 cities in Oklahoma, Nebraska and South Dakota.

While working at UCM, Kangas served as coordinator of the electronics technology program and took on additional responsibilities as coordinator of the Regional CISCO Academy while also working with the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering Accreditation Board.

Kangas became involved in a variety of committees at the university, college and departmental levels and was a member of the Faculty Senate, where he was a former vice president. Students became familiar with Kangas through a number of courses he taught dealing with subjects such as Digital Principals and Applications, Operational Amplifiers-Theory and Applications, Industrial Electronics, Computer Programming for Electronics Technology, Microprocessors: Theory and Applications, and more.

His professional and outreach activities are diverse and include membership in the American Society of Engineering Educators           and chairing the National Skills USA Educational Advisory Board for Industrial Motor Controls and past chair of the Skills Missouri State Contest Industrial Motor Controls Committee.

Kangas’ education includes a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering technology from Southwest State University, a master’s in communication from Murray State University, a master’s in technology from Arizona State University, an education specialist from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and a doctorate in education from Oklahoma State University.