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John Belshe

John F. Belshe

            Serving as an advisor for many undergraduate research projects was one of the most satisfying aspects of Dr. John Belshe’s 36-year teaching career at Central.

            The professor emeritus of biology came to the university in 1964 after teaching previously at Miami-Dade Community College and the University of Miami in Florida. He began teaching at Central as an assistant professor of biology, was promoted to associate professor in 1967 and full professor in 1971. In addition to teaching, he also served for many years as the curator of Ichthyology and Aquatic Invertebrates.

            Dr. Belshe graduated from Central in 1957 with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree. He earned a Master of Science in Zoology degree in 1961, and a doctorate in zoology in 1967 at the University of Miami in Coral Gables.

            Dr. Belshe helped mentor his biology students by working with them on research endeavors. He advised at least three Student Originated Studies that received a combined total of more than $44,000 in National Science Foundation funding. A student-initiated project he advised in 1970 received a grant of nearly $11,000 from the Rockefeller Foundation, becoming the first private foundation grant that was ever awarded to Central.

            Dr. Belshe has been involved in numerous research efforts of his own, and has been active in professional groups including the Missouri Academy of Science. He served MAS as an editor and was the president 1997-98.

            Dr. Belshe and his wife, Donna, have two children, a son, Jeff, and a daughter, Rhonda Edmunds.