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John Inglish

John M. Inglish

            John M. Inglish came to Central as a freshman student 35 years ago and, except for military service, he never left. On June 30, Mr. Inglish retired as university director emeritus of public relations.

            Mr. Inglish earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech/public relations in 1969, and a Master of Arts degree in mass communication/public relations in 1976, both from Central. He served as news bureau manager in 1969 and 1975 before being named assistant director. He was promoted to director of public relations in 1986, and he coordinated University Advancement Team activities during 1994-95 in addition to his public relations duties. He became a university director July 1, 1997.

            For six years Mr. Inglish was advisor to the student newspaper, the Muleskinner, and has served as advisor to the university yearbook, the Rhetor, for the past 26 years. He helped originate and edited CMSU News, the university’s weekly faculty and staff newsletter, and for a number of years he edited Your University Alumni News.

            A former member of the President’s Cabinet, he co-chaired the Statewide Mission Task Force responsible for developing Central’s mission in processional technology. Mr. Inglish also developed the university’s licensing program and helped plan and execute two statewide higher education funding campaigns, working with Missourians for Higher Education and the Council on Public Higher Education.

            Mr. Inglish and his wife, Tamara, plan to continue to reside in Warrensburg.