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Kuldip "Roy" Rampal

Kuldip "Roy" Rampal

After completing a 35-year teaching career at UCM, Kuldip “Roy” Rampal plans to continue pursuing his interest in research and traveling to different parts of the globe during his retirement.

The professor emeritus of mass communication was born in India, where he worked on his undergraduate education at Punjab University, and practiced journalism for “The Indian Express” in New Delhi. His interest in journalism led him to the United States to pursue a master’s degree from Boston University and a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri.

Rampal began his teaching career at Central Missouri in 1976, bringing with him a strong interest in research which he pursued while also tackling a full load of classes, and serving for six years as adviser to “The Muleskinner.” While devoting his attention to the classroom, Rampal’s teaching areas of interest included print media, international political communication, international press, media ethics, mass media and society, and more. His hard work as an educator was publicly recognized in 1992 when he was named recipient of UCM’s top faculty honor, the Byler Distinguished Faculty Award.

A seasoned traveler, Rampal has visited about 20 different countries to conduct research and to share his interest in journalism with students. His trek across the globe has given him opportunities to teach or lecture in places such as the Netherlands, Sweden, Taiwan, India and Malaysia. He also spent two years in Singapore as an assistant news editor for the “Straits Times.” In 1993, he received the International Communication Award for his research on political media changes in Taiwan, a year after receiving the Byler Award at UCM.

Taiwan continues to be a country of interest to Rampal. In December 2011, his scholarly article “The Media’s ‘Public Sphere’ for Civil Society in Taiwan’s Democratic Consolidation,” was published in the “Taiwan Journal of Democracy.”