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Leslie "Les" Lynam

Leslie "Les" Lynam

Les Lynam may someday have one of his own works to contribute to the James C. Kirkpatrick Library’s vast collection of books. His retirement from the university has given him time to pen about 220 pages of a science fiction novel, a project he has waited years to tackle.

In his role as associate professor of library services and director and chair of technical services, Lynam is best known for his contributions as a “techie librarian,” using his knowledge of technology to help move the library forward. The professor emeritus came to the university in 1985 as an instructor of library services, and while climbing the faculty ranks to associate professor, he also held positions that included systems librarian and interim director of technical services.

In his day-to-day management responsibilities, Lynam experimented with new ways to extract, manipulate, interpret and report data from the available data in the various library systems. He also searched for new ways to automate as many library tasks as possible in order to decrease the time it takes to make materials available to clients. Among his many successes, he established a perpetual system of data collection for internal periodicals use studies featuring portable barcode scanners, and created the database to support it. Additionally, he designed an effective label printing system and materials tracking system.

Lynam’s programming contributions to Library Services are vast and include developing web pages, as well as researching, designing, and implementing the first campus CD-ROM network to allow multiple users to access data simultaneously. Further changes in the development allowed users outside of the library to access data over the network, followed by access over the web.

Lynam earned a bachelor’s degree in communication, Master of Arts/Master of Library Science and Master of Business Administration degrees from UCM.