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Noorullah Babrakzai

Noorullah Babrakzai         

When he wasn’t working in the university classroom teaching biology students, Noorullah (Noor) Babrakzai took advantage of opportunities to further his profession through a number of research projects, often getting his work published. His 30-year career at UCM includes authoring or co-authoring about 50 scholarly articles that were published in a wide range of newsletters and professional journals.

A number of these works were collaborations with his outstanding students.

The professor emeritus of biology prepared for a career as a college educator studying at the University of Peshawar in Pakistan, where he earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in science. He was a lecturer in zoology at Kabul University in Afghanistan before going on to earn a doctorate at the University of Arizona.

Babrakzai joined the faculty in the UCM Department of Biology and Earth Science in 1981. He taught several classes including General Biology II, Cell Biology, Parasitology, Cytogenetics, Invertebrate Zoology and Man in the Environment.

During his tenure, Babrakzai was successful in securing numerous grants to help fund projects in the Department of Biology and Earth Science. His efforts led to thousands of dollars in scientific equipment, including microscopes, a photomicrography system, and other types of electronic research/teaching tools that improved the classroom and laboratory learning experience for students.

Babrakzai’s honors have included earning a Fulbright Scholarship from the United States Department of State to pursue graduate studies in the U.S., nomination for the Byler Distinguished Faculty Award at UCM and Faculty Achievement Award presented by the former College of Arts and Sciences. He has been an invited speaker for different groups, and engaged in activities such as leading a hands-on workshop for local middle school students.