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Rosalee Welling

Rosalee Welling

            Helping children with speech-language disorders has brought Rosalee B. Welling great satisfaction over the years. After leaving professional practice at the Children’s Therapy Center in Sedalia in 1989, she turned her talents to higher education, where she helped many university students to follow as similar career path.

            Ms. Welling has retired as professor emeriti of communication disorders after more than 11 years as a faculty member at Central. Since 1996 she served as coordinator of clinical services at the Welch-Schmidt Center for Communication Disorders in the Department of Communication Disorders, in addition to serving since 1989 as director of the Early Childhood Communication Special Education program. She also served the department as a clinical supervisor, responsible for supervision of clinical practicum experience for students in the general clinic serving clients of all ages, and was an instructor in areas such as Early Childhood Language Disorders and Language Development for the Handicapped.

            Ms. Welling shared her knowledge with students in the Department of Phonetics, Program of Logopedics, University of Helsinki, Finland, in March 1997 as a guest lecturer on the topic, “Early Childhood Speech and Language Intervention in a Preschool Setting.”

            Ms. Welling earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Central.