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W. Thomas Burtner, Jr.

W. Thomas Burtner, Jr.

           Dr. William Thomas Burtner, Jr. devoted nearly 28 years to helping students to appreciate the written word. He has retired as professor emeritus of English.

            Burtner joined Central’s Department of English and Philosophy in 1972 after teaching public school students for six years at Northmont High School in Englewood, Ohio. In addition, he served for three years as managing editor of Manage magazine, a publication of the National Management Association in Dayton, Ohio.

            He earned his Bachelor of Science degree at Ohio State University, Columbus, in 1959, and remained in Ohio to teach and pursue his graduate education. He completed his Master of Arts degree in 1965 and his doctorate in 1972 at Miami University in Oxford.

            Dr. Burtner has written a variety of scholarly papers and made presentations at professional conferences before groups such as the Missouri Philological Association. He is also a member of the Modern Language Association.