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English and Philosophy Testimonials
English and Philosophy Testimonials
English and Philosophy Testimonials
English and Philosophy Testimonials
English and Philosophy Testimonials
English and Philosophy Testimonials



Welcome to the Philosophy Program at UCM.  The program affords students the opportunity to study and reflect on the fundamental questions of human existence, knowledge, and the world in which they live. If you are a prospective philosophy minor or major, I encourage you to use this site to learn more about the exciting possibilities of studying philosophy at UCM. If you have already decided to minor or major in philosophy, this web site should serve as an informational resource as you pursue your degree.

Studying Philosophy
Philosophy Faculty
Philosophy Minor
Philosophy Major
Philosophy Program Goals

Our program offers a range of courses in the history and problems of philosophy, and is committed to interdisciplinary and pluralistic approaches to philosophical inquiry. The Philosophy Program allows students who minor or major in philosophy to acquire a broad competence in the history of Western philosophy, and to pursue their own more specialized interests in particular areas of philosophical study.

The Philosophy Faculty's areas of research and teaching include Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Ethics, Philosophy of Social Science, Political Philosophy, Aesthetics, "Philosophical Counseling," and Philosophy of Science and Technology. The Philosophy Program faculty members are deeply committed to teaching and research, and have won numerous awards and grants in support of their work.

Graduates of our program have gone on to pursue advanced degrees in philosophy, law, medicine, and literature, among other disciplines. Of course with its emphasis on critical thinking, rigorous analysis, clarity of communication, and rational decision-making, a degree in philosophy also serves as excellent preparation for professional careers in teaching, technical writing, editing, administration and management, public relations and non-profit organizations.

If you have specific questions about the nuts and bolts of our program, or would simply like to meet to discuss your interests and educational objectives, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

On behalf of the Philosophy Program, I wish much success in your academic endeavors.


Dr. Kenneth Cust
Professor and Philosophy Program Coordinator
Office: Mar 236L
Phone: 660-543-8750