2006-2007 Faculty Senate Agenda

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

3:15 p.m.    Union 237A




I.                 Roll Call



II.              Approval of Minutes

              A.      Approval of Minutes of October 4, 2006 for meeting 5 of

          the 2006-2007 Faculty Senate



III.           Announcements

A.               University President Aaron Podolefsky

B.                Provost Y.T. Shah

C.               FS Vice President Rhonda McKee

D.               FS President Odin Jurkowski

E.      SGA Representative

F.      SPRC Representative Jo Koehn

G.      Other Announcements/Updates



IV.          New Business

A.   Faculty Legislation:  Phil Wright

B.    Motion 2006-2007-7:  Faculty Senate membership

C.   Motion 2006-2007-8:  Faculty Senate reporting structure

D.   Motion 2006-2007-9:  Nomination of Janice Putnam for the Professional Enhancement Committee



V.          Adjournment