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General Education Committee

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A. Composition (14 members)

B. Selection

C. Selection of Chair

D. Term of Service






A. To periodically review and recommend updates to the content of the General Education program to the Faculty Senate for approval. 

B. To formulate, review and maintain policies and procedures to operate the General Education program.

C. To formulate, maintain and review policies, procedures and objectives for the evaluation and selection of proposed and existing courses for the General Education program.

D. To review each existing course in the General Education Program regularly following a 5 year cycle, to determine if these courses should remain within the program, and to certify newly proposed courses for the General Education Program.

E. To review the operation of the General Education program and make recommendations when appropriate.




Reports to the Faculty Senate. Each proposal for a revised or new General Education course must be presented by departments, colleges, or interdisciplinary teams to the FS General Education Committee through the normal departmental and college curricular review process. Approved course revisions and new courses are then included in the Undergraduate Catalog.




A. Composition (16 members)

1. Nine faculty members, two from each college and one from the Library. At least one member from each college must be a General Education Faculty member.

2. One student representative.

3. The designated administrator from the Office of the Provost shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member.

4. The General Education Coordinator shall serve as an ex-officiomember (voting only in case of a tie).

5. The Assessment Coordinator shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member. 

6 The designated administrator from the Office of the Registrar shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member.

7. The Chair or designees of the Faculty Senate University Curriculum Committee and the University Assessment Council shall serve as ex-officio, non-voting members. The designee should be a faculty member elected from that chair's committee.

B. Selection

1. Faculty are elected from each college and the Library.

2. General Education faculty are those full-time faculty who are currently teaching or who have taught within the past two years at least one University Studies/General Education course.

3. No more than one member shall be elected from any one program.

4. Student selected by SGA.

C. Selection of Chair

The Committee shall select a chair from its faculty members.

D. Term of Service


1. Faculty shall be elected to three-year terms on a staggered replacement basis. Each year, 3 members will rotate off with no more than one member being from the same college. When a committee member leaves prior to the expiration of his or her term, elections will be held for a replacement to fill the unexpired portion of his or her term.

2. The student representative's term of service will be one year.

3. No elected member or student may serve more than two consecutive terms.

4. If a faculty representative anticipates being unable to attend more than half of the scheduled meetings in a given semester, they will notify the chair of the General Education Committee. The chair of the committee shall notify the chair of the Faculty Senate Committee on Committees who will convene a caucus of the faculty senators from that college to appoint an alternate representative to serve until the end of the semester.



The General Education Committee will develop and maintain a matrix of courses that identifies where in the curriculum the competencies of the General Education program are taught and assessed. The committee will use the matrix to ensure sufficient coverage of all General Education competencies.

The General Education Committee chair is responsible for creating and maintaining a Procedures Manual (including Procedures, a Recertification Timeline, and Examples of Questionnaires and responses), a copy to be kept in the Faculty Senate Office.

In exercising its curricular responsibilities, the committee shall be guided in action by concerns of the General Education document and for the proper relationship of the committee to the University, colleges, departments, and students. The committee shall be primarily concerned with the appropriateness of courses to the General Education program. In addition to these curricular concerns the committee shall promote the development of interdisciplinary courses that fulfill the spirit of the General Education program.

This committee meets in summer.

Each FS committee chair is responsible for completing and submitting the committee's annual report to the FS Office Professional by May 15th each year.


Each Faculty Senate and University/Administrative Committee chair is responsible for completing and submitting a triennial charge review by the designated time to the Committee on Committee’s representative.


Committees may conduct business and voting via electronic means.

REV 2/06;REV 2010; REV 4/2011; REV 12/2011; REV 9/2013; REV 5/2014;   

REV 12/2015; REV 9/2015; REV 3/2016; REV 9/2017



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