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University Budget Committee


  1. Develop a transparent budget analysis process that makes budget information easily accessible to the University community and enables faculty monitoring of decisions regarding the allocation of funds.

  2. Establish a system to review the University budget and external audit, and to communicate the committee’s findings to the Faculty Senate, as well as the larger university community, as necessary.

  3. Make budgetary recommendations to the Faculty Senate, and other governance bodies as appropriate based on current, accurate, and readily available data. 

  4. Meet regularly with the Vice President of Finance and Administration, the Provost, the Internal Auditor, and other relevant parties as needed.

  5. Maintain regular contact with staff groups, including the Professional Staff Council, the Support Staff Council, and the Bargaining Unit.

  6. Conduct ongoing dialogue with budget managers from across campus.



Reports to the Faculty Senate.


A. Composition (5 members)

1. One faculty member from each college and the Library.

B. Selection

1. Faculty to be appointed by the FS Committee on Committees.

C. Selection of Chair

The committee will choose a chair from its members.

D. Term of Service

Staggered 3 year terms with two term limit


The Committee will receive a copy of the annual external audit and the budget book.

This committee has three year term dates

Committees may conduct business and voting via electronic means.

Created 11/05/2009; REV 4/2011; REV 12/2011; REV 5/2014; REV 9/2015