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UCM Foundation

Smiser Alumni Center
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.8000
Toll Free: 866.752.7257

About Alumni Park

A Place of Honor

Alumni Park, which extends west of Holden Street to Selmo Park, the president's home, is named for the thousands of alumni who have attended the University of Central Missouri. It features the Maastricht Friendship Tower, art sculptures, the outdoor amphitheater and numerous walkways.

Culp-Feidt Fountain

The park's newest addition is the Culp-Feidt Fountain. The fountain sits on the site of the former Culp family residence, donated to the university by Margaret Culp Feidt, a 1934 alumna who lives in Philadelphia, PA. The house was built in 1908 by Margaret's grandparents, Jesse and Judith Rice Culp (a graduate of Normal School #2).

Margaret's brother, Leland, and wife, Zinn Culp were the last occupants of the family home. After their deaths, his sister, Margaret, donated the home and property to UCM.

To create Alumni Park, the university dismantled the home in 2000, taking care to salvage the glazed cobblestone used in its construction. Keeping alive the home's memory, the university utilized many of the bricks to create the Culp-Feidt Fountain.

Recent Gifts Helping UCM Students

  • $20,000 to endow new scholarship
  • $25 for Fund for Excellence
  • $50 to department scholarship
  • $25,000 for baseball scholarships
  • $25,000 for scholarships
  • $100,000 for wrestling
  • $250 for Fund for Excellence