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UCM Foundation

Smiser Alumni Center
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.8000
Toll Free: 866.752.7257

Call for Proposals

FY15 Opportunity Grant Program

The UCM Foundation is currently accepting applications for the FY15 Opportunity Grant program.

Applications are due by 4 p.m., Dec. 6, 2013, to the UCM Foundation, Smiser Alumni Center inside Elliott Student Union. These grants range from $100 to $5,000 and provide faculty and staff members a chance to support targeted, student-centered activities that benefit the university’s learning environment. For more information on projects funded by the UCM Foundation, visit the FY14 page.

The UCM Foundation Opportunity Grants must fund expenses related to a specific project. Examples of allowable expenses include research, service projects, supplies, equipment, software. Types of expenses not covered include salaries, release time, conference fees, travel, assistantships. Applicants are limited to one proposal per year.

Proposals receiving funding will be asked to acknowledge the UCM Foundation brand in all collateral materials. It is important to the UCM Foundation that the donors see the impact their generosity has on UCM students.

For additional information about the UCM Foundation Opportunity Grant Program, contact:
• Smiser Alumni Center inside the Elliott Student Union
• Phone: 660-543-8000

For eligibility, proposal criteria and application requirements, download the application as a PDF file (requires Adobe Reader). You also will need this budget form (download as Excel document), and a cover page depending on your position as a faculty or staff member at the university (download as a Word document).


Recent Gifts Helping UCM Students

  • $20,000 to endow new scholarship
  • $25 for Fund for Excellence
  • $50 to department scholarship
  • $25,000 for baseball scholarships
  • $25,000 for scholarships
  • $100,000 for wrestling
  • $250 for Fund for Excellence