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How To Get Reimbursement

University Travel

The award of funds is contingent upon the faculty member's participation in the professional meeting as described in the SAF funding application. Please refer to the University’s travel regulations for information on allowable expenses and required documentation. University travel regulations require completion of the Travel Pre-Authorization Form prior to any overnight travel. Within 10 days after completing the trip, the faculty member must submit a Travel Expense Voucher (also called the Expense Reimbursement Form) in order to get reimbursed for any expenses that were not charged to a university travel card. Both of these forms are available from theAccounts Payable office.

The Travel Expense Voucher should be routed through the offices of the appropriate department chair and dean and forwarded to the Accounts Payable office. The original Travel Expense Voucher should not be sent to the Scholarly Activity Fund office.

How Departments Get Reimbursed

The department office professional should complete the survey at

 There is no need to attach receipts. (Receipts should be attached to the original Travel Expense Voucher sent to Accounts Payable).   

Departments will be reimbursed only for funding approved by SAF prior to the date of travel. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to submit the SAF funding application prior to travel.