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Stipend and Scholarship

Besides getting great work experience, being a graduate assistant provides students with the opportunity to receive scholarships and stipends for their commitment.

The compensation for full-time graduate assistants who teach two 3-hour courses per semester or whose assignment involves 20 hours per week is $3,750 per semester or $7,500 for two semesters.


The assistantship also includes a scholarship. For a 20 hour per week assistantship, the scholarship covers up to $3,240 (+$2,700 for non-residents) of graduate coursework per semester.


Click to view the list of stipends and scholarships for full or partial graduate assistantships.


Please be advised that federal financial aid regulations require that the total dollar value of your tuition scholarship be included in your 'package' of federal financial aid (Perkins Loan, Stafford Loan, etc.). If this action results in you being over awarded, a reduction in your loan proceeds may be necessary.