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Greek Life


UCM Greek Life Traditions

Formal recruitment for sororities and informal recruitment for fraternities begins in the fall every year. Each chapter spends a lot of time together preparing activities and events for potential new members. This preparation means bonding between members and memories that will last forever!

Homecoming is a campus-wide, week-long celebration that happens every year in October. Greek chapters are involved in Homecoming in a variety of ways. Many sororities pair with a fraternity for Homecoming competitions. Competitions include the Spirit Window display, Recyclable Sculpture, Donation Creation, cheer competition, and finally a float that is pulled in the Homecoming parade. These competitions provide an opportunity for sororities to get to know other fraternities and spend time together. Many memories are made during Homecoming as sorority and fraternity alumni come back to Warrensburg to visit current chapter members.

Greek Week
Greek Week is a week of fun activities and community service projects that involve the entire Greek community. It is the one time of year that devotes a whole week to Greeks. From Opening Ceremonies, to the Step Show, to the Kiddie Carnival—there are a ton of opportunities for Greeks to hang out together! The entire week is a competition between chapters to see which chapters are the overall Greek Week winners. Each chapter also has a Greek God/Goddess candidate that competes for the title of Greek God and Greek Goddess. Find out more information about Greek Week online.

Sisterhood Week
Although Greek women belong to separate chapters, Sisterhood Week is a time when all chapters come together to celebrate what everyone has in common: sisterhood. Events are hosted daily to give chapters the opportunity to bond together and celebrate sisterhood. Events might include an ice cream social, community service activity, or a Mules athletic game. More than anything, Sisterhood Week is a fun way to end the semester with all sororities on campus!

Greek Awards Ceremony
The Greek Awards Ceremony is held at the conclusion of Greek Week. Not only are chapters recognized for their involvement in Greek Week, they are recognized for many other factors. UCM awards deserving chapters for excellence in scholarship, campus involvement, community service, and more. During this ceremony the 5-Star is also awarded. The 5-Star is given to the most prestigious sorority and fraternity on campus and is the highest honor a chapter can receive at UCM. The ceremony re-caps all accomplishments of the Greek community for the previous year.

Greek Life Happenings