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Greek Life


Why should I join a fraternity or sorority?

  1. Leadership
  2. Scholarship
  3. Brotherhood/Sisterhood
  4. National Affiliation
  5. Community Service and Philanthropy opportunities
  6. Find a connection at UCM
  7. Find a family with over 1200 UCM Students
  8. Students who are members of fraternities and sororities lead most of the campus organizations.
  9. Education

Students who are members of fraternities and sororities graduate at a higher rate than those who are not members.

The Greeks G.P.A. are generally above the all men's / all women's GPA, they strive to meet that goal!

It's the best way to get and stay involved at UCM!

Greek student studyingScholarship

Fraternities and sororities at UCM place a strong emphasis on academic success. Greek students strive to be the best and this includes being the best in scholarship. This is done through national and local scholarships and incentives. Greek chapters teach time management skills and organization. Chapters provide workshops, tutoring, and mentoring programs. All chapters work hard each semester to do their best and strive to attain GPAs above the all-student average.


Members of the Greek community participate in one of the finest intramural programs. Whatever your sport or skill level, you will always find an opportunity to play. School spirit is established through playing intramural sports. Athletics prove to be an important physical and mental outlet for students. They help improve self-confidence and develop teamwork.

LeadershipGreek student with awards

The Greek community at UCM is nearly 10% of the undergraduate student body and our focus on scholarship, leadership, service, education, and friendship make it the premier leadership opportunity on campus. Becoming a member of a fraternity or sorority is the easiest way to get involved on campus and to enhance your college experience outside the classroom.

You will find fraternity and sorority members in significant leadership roles on campus such as: Student Governor, Student Government Association (SGA) President, SGA Senators, Association of Black Collegiates (ABC), Spotlight, Student Ambassadors, Alumni Ambassadors, Orientation Leaders, Breakers, Sigma Alpha Pi, Honor Societies, NCAA Athletics, nationally recognized Forensics Team, and Night Ryder, just to name a few organizations.

The Greek community is highly regarded by Administration, Faculty, and Staff. Your membership in a fraternity or sorority will provide you with networking experiences on campus, in the community, regionally, and nationally. You will have many opportunities to interact with campus and community dignitaries as well as distinguished alumni.

Greek students present Big Brothers Big Sisters with a check.Community Service & Philanthropy

One of the greatest advantages of being involved in the UCM sorority/fraternity community is the service and philanthropic events organized by chapters. Each chapter sponsors a national philanthropy. Working together on such projects not only benefits the community and worthy causes but also fosters personal growth and greater unity among members.

Fraternities and sororities are highly regarded by the Warrensburg community. As a member of the UCM Greek community, you will have many opportunities to interact with civic leaders and make a difference in Warrensburg through community service and leadership. Just a few of the numerous activities include playing games with the young and the elderly, cleaning up the community, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Warrensburg, United Way, blood drives, coaching youth ball teams and a Valentine Dance with the local nursing home.


Our Greek community is committed to the total education of our members. Not only do we concentrate on academics; we educate on social issues such as goal setting, relationship building, health and wellness, safety, sexual assault prevention, and alcohol/drug use and abuse. Our chapter members graduate from UCM with the skills to be productive citizens with preparation to assume leadership roles in society.

SocialStudents pose after a game.

At the University of Central Missouri, Greeks realize that the most essential reason you attend the university is to learn and excel academically, however many students will agree campus life extends beyond the realm of classroom and includes the delicate balance between academia and social life. Social and recreational activities give you the opportunity to meet a variety of people and strengthen your bonds of friendship and brotherhood/sisterhood. Formal dances, retreats, athletic competitions, alumni and Homecoming activities, and Family weekend all offer the opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself!

Greek Life Happenings