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UCM Homecoming


Homecoming Traditions

Group of studentsMules Return Home
Central Missouri’s first homecoming was a silver jubilee held Nov. 5, 1935, in honor of Eldo Hendricks. It featured a convocation during which 21 alumni reminisced about Hendricks’ 25 years of service plus a halftime presentation where the president and his wife received 25 silver dollars. Hendricks, known as a “dreamer of dreams,” voiced his earnest hope that homecoming would become an annual celebration rather than an occasional jubilee. His hope certainly came true.

Mules Enjoy CeremonyParade picture
The homecoming parade is truly one of the most popular traditions on campus and ranks among the top town/gown festivities the Central Missouri community offers. It’s always a colorful feast for the eyes, bringing the campus and local communities together to enjoy the Marching Mules, floats, equestrian units, dignitaries, area organizations, businesses and many regional high school bands.

student receiving awardMules Earn Accolades
For almost 30 years, the brightest and most accomplished alumni have been recognized as part of the homecoming celebration. Recipients of UCM’s Distinguished Alumni Award have been generals, world renowned scientists, humanitarians, poets, artists, dancers, university professors and more. Plus, there’s the traditional Homecoming Royalty Contest. Students have crowned a queen since 1938 and in 1999, they added a king.