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Housing FAQs

What is in my residence hall room?
When will I find out where I will live and who my roommate will be?
What should I bring?
Can I build a loft?
What are the residence hall policies?

Can I change my room and/or roommate?

How can I get involved?

What if I lose my key or get locked out?

What if I need something repaired in my room?

Are the halls open during break?

1. What is in my residence hall room?

The room is furnished with:
• two extra long twin beds
• one dresser
• two desks
• two chairs
• trash can
• cable service
• wireless internet
• all utilities (gas, water, electricity, trash, & sewer)

Students are encouraged to secure personal property insurance if not covered by family homeowner insurance.

2. When will I find out where I will live and who my roommate will be?

Room assignments and roommate information will be available on the student portal (your MyCentral) no later than the last week of June for the fall semester. New students starting in the spring semester will be mailed their assignment just before the holidays in December. Links about meal plans, refrigerator rental, loft rental, carpet, linen purchases and other information will be posted on the housing website, so make sure you check it regularly.

3. What should I bring?
Your room will be your home for several months, so you will want it to be as comfortable as possible. Some suggested items are:
• bed linens/pillow (all of our residence halls require extra-long twin sheets)
• posters, pictures and other items to make your space feel like home
• laundry and cleaning supplies
• desk lamp and supplies
• rugs and/or carpet
• DVDs and CDs
• clothes, towels and toiletries
• radio, alarm clock and power strips

See our complete list of what to bring (and not to bring) online!

4. Can I build a loft?
Due to safety reasons, students may not build their own lofts. Instead, students may rent lofts from a UCM approved company named College Products. These lofts create additional living space and provide:
• Easy assembly in five minutes
• Durable steel construction
• University supplied bed frame and mattress (mattresses are 6" x 36" x 80")
• Delivery to campus and Pick-Up at end of year


If you choose to not loft your bed, you have 3-4 feet of space if the bed is raised to the maximum heigh.  This allows storage for most bins, smaller fridges, etc. 

Order online today!

5. What are the residence hall policies?

Please review the University Planner/Handbook for all policies. The Student Handbookcan be found at

6. Can I change my room and/or roommate?
Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t make it work. Room change requests are typically accepted three weeks after move-in. At this time, you may request a move to an available space. If a first-year student would like a single room, he/she will be allowed to request a single room after the halls open and pending space availability. Room changes cannot be made without prior permission from the Office of University Housing. After you arrive, talk to your CA, who will help you through the process of making a formal request.

7. How can I get involved?
Getting involved is an important part of having the complete college experience. There are many programs/activities available to you through the Office of Student Activities. Additionally, all residence hall students are welcome to become involved in their hall council, as well as the United Student Housing Association (USHA).

8. What if I lose my key or get locked out?
If you lose your key, immediately report it to your CA. The minimum charge for a lock re-core in all halls is $90, or the cost of repairs. There is a $10 charge for losing a mailbox key.

If you get locked out of your room, report it to your front desk and they will contact a CA to let you in your room. Students will receive three free lock-outs, then there will be a $5 fine for each additional lock-out.

9. What if I need something repaired in my room?
There are a variety of ways to submit work orders to allow for optimal convenience for residents. Work orders (non emergency) can be submitted 24 hours a day online via your MyCentral account.  Students can also call Facilities, Planning and Operations directly at 660-543-4331. You can also check the status of your work request by calling this number. Another way to submit work orders it to contact the front desk of the building you are in or the CA. The hall staff member will then contact the on-call staff member to respond to the situation. Contacting the front desk or hall staff is the best approach to submit an emergency request after regular business hours.

When submitting a work order, you will need to provide your:
• Name and Email
• Phone number
• Building and room number
• Detailed description and location of the issue being reported

10. Are the halls open during break?
Most of the residence halls close during fall break over the week of Thanksgiving, fall semester break, spring break and spring semester break. Nickerson, Houts/Hosey, Fitzgerald, Nattinger/Bradshaw and South Todd halls are open during all of the breaks except for summer break. The on-campus apartments are open all year long.