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Green Resident

Are you living a sustainable lifestyle?
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Living on campus at UCM is the full college experience
Dining Dollars are accepted at select local restaurants.

East Campus Housing

East Campus Housing

Located on the east side of Highway 13, a pedestrian overpass allows easy access to the main campus right across the street. East campus allows the most convenient access to the academic buildings, especially for music or technology majors.  East campus housing is also close proximity to the newly renovated Ellis Dining Center, Student Recreation and Wellness Center and large parking lots for students.

East campus includes:

Ellis Complex (East, North and South Halls)
Foster-Knox Apartments

University Conference Center (UCC)








1st Year and Returning Student Living

Accomodates up to 908 students


Returning Student Living

110 Apartments



1st Year and Returning Student Living

Accomodates 282 Students