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hall council testimonials

Why join hall council?

We asked students involved in hall council why they joined and here's what they had to say:

"I joined hall council because I wanted my voice to be heard and because I wanted to further my leadership experience! One of my favorite programs this past year was the Natt-Brad dance! We had well over 60 people on a Friday night turn out and it was a blast! Lots of memories that will last long after college! Hall council is a great experience and I highly suggest joining especially if you're intrested in being a CA. The planning, leadership and communication skills you learn are priceless." -Matt Faupel

"I have always believed that being a part of and helping to build a community is the single most important and rewarding thing a person can do with their life. Like all things your college experience is what you make it and student leadership can open doors you didn't even know existed. Your acedemics are only half of the learning process. Student leadership is a way for you to answer many questions such as: Why do I choose to learn? Where do I belong? What will I leave behind? How can I build a personal and professional network? What will I do with my knowledge? More importantly becoming a student leader provides you opportunities to implement your skills while developing new ones. I could write about student leadership for hours, however I am sure this is already far too long! Please feel free to cut, paste and edit anything you feel might be useful." -Sara "Teddy" Giordano

"When I first arrived at UCM, I really did not know anyone on campus, but the first Hall Council Meeting changed all of that. I found myself surrounded by a group of people that were more than willing to make new friends, and to help others achieve their goals. I automatically decided that Housing Student Leadership was the place for me. Since then I have been able to enjoy some substantial self-growth, and I managed to pick up a few friends along the way!!" - Anna Dickherber

"Hall Council gives a HUGE amount of leadership experience with little effort. It's so easy to be a floor rep and hang out with your hall mates for a half an hour every week or so. The best part is all the parties, activities, and free stuff that's given away at Hall Council, just for showing up once in awhile! I recommend looking into Hall ... See MoreCouncil, especially if you want to be a CA or Housing employee. It looks great on a resume, especially if you participate in a huge event. Our hall won Community Service Program of the Year and Regional Community Service Program of the Month, just for hanging out with the hall mates in areas of the hall usually off-limits. Ladies if you're interested, I challenge you to do better! If you don't want to live in Yeater, create your own haunted house and donate the proceeds to charity! Do you Dare???" -Lori Pigue

"I joined Hall Council and USHA because I was a freshman and I wanted to get involved in my Residence Hall and wanted to be able to tell my fellow Hall Council Members all about the goings on at USHA and I wanted to tell USHA what was going on at my hall." -Cierra Janae Sewell

"Being in hall council has taught me to accept responsibility and work through challenges with the help of other residents. Nothing builds community like overcoming small obstacles together. There is no better way to have your voice heard and make your presence on campus known than through hall council. It is unbelievable the difference you can make in such a short amount of time with the help of residence staff and other residents. Joining hall council was one of the best decisions I ever made because it got me connected to residence staff, helped make great friends, and, most importantly, made UCM home." -Katelyn Goodman

"I personally joined Hall Council because I believe that with the use of a Hall Council college students can connect and avoid the disconnection that may happen due to the move from somewhere familiar to somewhere unfamiliar. I see our Hall Councils as ways to make the dorms not into a building full of rooms, but into a community that works together for a greater cause; even if that cause is as simple as making each other feel welcome. I learned a lot from being in Hall Council last year; I learned that our Hall Councils can really make a difference as long as our residents are willing to support and help us out. I think that students should join Hall Council/USHA because not only is it a way to meet more people but it is also a way to make a difference in resident life." -Cherise Boyce

"There are a million reasons to get involved. I got involved because my suitemate said hall council was fun so I went and sat in on a meeting and I have been hooked ever since. Now I am the USHA president and have come a long way in my leadership abilites. The biggest reason to become involved in your community is to have your voice heard and to make on campus living like home, as it should feel to every student." -Brad Wolfe