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Green Resident

Are you living a sustainable lifestyle?
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Living on campus at UCM is the full college experience
Dining Dollars are accepted at select local restaurants.

West Campus Housing

West Campus Housing

outside view of Nattinger residence hallThe majority of our residence halls are located on West Campus.  Also on West Campus are all of the sports complexes, including the football stadium, the baseball and softball fields, and the Multi.  These buildings are also close to the Health Center and Union, which houses a bowling alley, lounging area, food (such as Chic-fil-A®, Taco Bell®, Steak 'n Shake ®,Sub Connection and more), the University Store, and activities galore. 

West Campus Includes:blank
Fitzgerald Hall
Houts-Hosey Halls
Nattinger-Bradshaw Halls
Nickerson Hall
South Todd Hall
South Yeater Hall
Nickerson Apartments
Todd Apartments