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Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)

UCM is pleased to be able to continue maintenance of the HRA plan for 2011.  You can claim eligible medical, dental and vision expenses incurred between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011.  Even though we are not making a contribution to the HRA for 2011, if you did not use up your 2009 and/or 2010 HRA allocation, those funds have been rolled forward to the 2011 plan year. 

Eligible expenses include things like deductibles, co-insurance, co-payments, prescription drugs, dental expenses, glasses/contacts and counseling sessions. These expenses can be incurred by you, your spouse, or any tax dependent. Remember, if you are in the Health Care FSA, you cannot request a reimbursement for the same item through both accounts.

Not sure if you were reimbursed all of your 2009 and/or 2010 allocation?  You can call ASI at 800-659-3035 and ask about your account balances or visit the website at and click on Account Details. 

HRA Claim Form

2010 HRA FAQs

2010 HRA Information Sheet

2010 HRA Memo to Employees
2009 HRA FAQs

2009 HRA Information Sheet

2009 HRA Memo to Employees

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