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Vacation Pay

Full-time employees designated as 1.0 FTE will accrue vacation pay depending on their exempt or nonexempt status and their years of continuous eligible service based on their anniversary date. Employees who occupy a .80 to .99 FTE will also accrue vacation pay on a prorated basis.

Select 12 month Faculty positions are eligible to accrue vacation based on the same schedule as indicated below.

Employees may use vacation once they have accrued the leave. Vacation is credited at the conclusion of each semi-monthly pay period.

Unused vacation at the end of the anniversary year may be carried forward. However, once unused vacation reaches 280 hours, further accumulation stops until additional vacation is used.

Upon termination of employment and after successfully completing the probationary period (if applicable), employees will be paid all earned, unused vacation time.

Exempt (Salaried) & Nonexempt Vacation Accrual Schedule

Years of Service

Semi-Monthly Vacation Accrual

Maximum Accrual Rates

Less than 4 years

5 hours

280 hours

4 - 9

7 hours

280 hours

9 years and beyond

8 hours

280 hours

Link to Procedures: "Vacation Leave Procedures"

Link to Policy: "Vacation Policy"